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Nan Johnson

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Nan Johnson

Nan attended Metropolitan Beauty Academy in Lebanon, Indiana. After working for a short time in Lafayette salons, she went back and completed her instructor's training. She taught for several years at the Academy, but missed working one on one with clients. She returned to salon work in 1990.

Nan likes working with her hands and being creative, so she feels that being a stylist is the perfect career for her. She says she can't imagine life as a "cubicle-dweller!"

She hopes a visit to the salon is the best part of your day.

Client Ann Trainor says, "Nan has been doing my hair for ten years and has always done a great job!"

Johnson is an avid reader who enjoys being with her extended family. She's a true "dog person" and spends lots of time with her dogs Harley (a mutt) and Topaz (standard poodle).

Client Reviews:

I have been going to Nan for over 20 years. She knows my hair and what to do when I call.

She won't give me a perm if there might be damage to my hair. If I like a new style and she thinks it might not be right for me she'll say, "Well, we can try it and see how you like it." Most times I will call in a couple of weeks... and we'll do what she recommends! She's just a professional.

I have been married 50 years now. And each time I tell my husband I'm going to see Nan, he'll meet me at the door and say, "let me see." And he always follows up with, "I LIKE it!" She may be my secred for a lengthy marriage!

Nan's Great!

--Jan Hiatt

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