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Doreen Lynn Lowery

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Doreen Lowery

Doreen Lynn Lowery, co-owner of the Rose-Dore Salon, always wanted to be a beautician. She began her career syling the hair of her Barbie dolls, soon expanding her reach to friends and family members. By the fourth grade Doreen was doing up-do's (the popular style of the time) on her mom and aunt.

In 11th grade she took advantage of a school vocational program by attending Speedway Beauty Academy. From there she went to work at JC Penny's Lafayette Square Salon, and then the Glemby Salon at Lazarus where she was soon promoted to manager. Doreen began working with Rose Tremain (Rose-Dore co-owner) in 1986 at Ferrell Leschot Studio (later renamed Georgeous Hair Salon) and have been working together ever since.

Doreen constantly hones her skills by attending conferences, trade shows and intensive training sessions, as do other Rose-Dore stylists. Lowery says, "Everytime I've said 'you can't show me a new way to cut hair,' I've had to eat my words!"

When she and Rose Tremain decided to open their own salon, they wanted to find a building with lots of natural light, a beautiful setting, and a convenient location. The house on West 86th Street seemed perfect, and after lots of renovation work, it turned out to be exactly what they wanted.

Doreen is proud of her salon and proud of the stylists who work there. There's no pretention at the Rose-Dore, just friendly people in a relaxing atmosphere making the world more beautiful, one person at time!

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